Friday, 27 May 2016

Venue: Utown Education Resource Centre Seminar Room 3

10:00am Bus departures from the hotel
10:30am Registration
10:45 am Brian Farrell (National University of Singapore): Welcoming Remarks

Self-introduction and Coffee time

11:00-12:30pm Session 1: Re-conceptualizing the Cold War
Masuda Hajimu (National University of Singapore):
Opening Remarks: “The Cold War as Social Mechanism: Why Do We ‘Unlearn’ Cold War Narratives, and What Are Prospects and Aims?
John Munro (St. Mary’s University):
“The Early Cold War Conjuncture as Racial Capitalism and Settler Colonialism”
Victoria Vasilenko (Belgorod National Research University):
“Contemporary Russian Historiography of the Cold War: Is There Room for Reassessment?”
Discussant: David Engerman (Brandies University)
12:30-2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-3:30 pm Session 2: Decolonization and Domestic Politics
Poppy Cullen (Cambridge University):
“‘Playing Cold War Politics’: The Multiple Uses of the Cold War in the Anglo-Kenyan Relationship”
Gary Baines (Rhodes University):
“Rethinking the Contours of Cold War History in Southern Africa”
Colleen Wood (University of Maryland):
“Globalizing Huklandia: Counterinsurgency, Decolonization and Anti-Communist Geographies”
Discussant: Heonik Kwon (University of Cambridge)
3:30-4:00 pm Coffee Break
4:00-5:30 pm Session 3: Local Realties and Historical Continuity
Sidnei J. Munhoz (Universidade Estadual de Maringá):
“Political and Social Conflicts in Brazil at the Onset of the Cold War”
Vanni Pettinà (El Colegio de México):
“México and the Third World Project (1958-1964): Reconnecting the Western Hemisphere to the Global Cold War”
Fernando Purcell (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile):
“Peace Corps, Community Development and Local Realities during the Cold War in South America, 1960s”
Magdalena López (University of Buenos Aires):
“The ‘Anticommunist’ Paraguay: A Revision of Stroessner’s Dictatorship, 1954-1989”
Discussant: Alan L. McPherson (University of Oklahoma)
6:00pm Dinner

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Venue: Utown Education Resource Centre Seminar Room 3

8:45-10:15am Session 4: Localized “Cold War”
Hyung-Wook Kim (University of California Los Angeles):
“Localized Cold War and Its Derivatives in Korea”
Sinae Hyun (Nanyang Technological University):
“‘Others Within’ during the Cold War: Counterinsurgent Nation Building by the Thai Border Patrol Police”
Edgar Elbakyan (Yerevan State University):
“Re-Assessing the Term ‘Cold War Conflicts’: The Case of the Conflict around South Azerbaijan”
Discussant: S.R. Joey Long (National University of Singapore)
10:15-10:30 am Coffee Break
10:30-12:00am Session 5: Ordinary People’s “Cold War”
Chen Song-Chuan (Nanyang Technological University):
“Cold War Child: Economic Lives under Militarisation on the Frontier Islands Matsu”
Chien-Wen Kung (Columbia University):
“Practicing Anticommunism: Elites, Criminals, and Ideological Accommodation in Philippine-Chinese Society, 1948-1952”
David Mills (Minnesota West Community College):
“Cold War in a Cold Land: Rhetoric Works Both Ways Between People and Governments”
Discussant: Paul Steege (Villanova University)
12:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-3:00pm Session 6: Cold War Popular Culture
Dean Vuletic (University of Vienna):
“Competition and Cooperation in Cold War Popular Culture: The Eurovision and Intervision Song Contests”
Xu Lanjun (National University of Singapore):
“The Southern Film Corporation, Chinese Opera Films and the PRC’s Cultural Propaganda in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, 1950s-1960s”
Xiaojue Wang (Rutgers University):
“Radio on Screen: Cold War Hong Kong Films”
Discussant: Petrus Liu (Yale-NUS College)
3:00-3:15pm Coffee Break
3:15-4:45pm Session 7: Roundtable
David Engerman (Brandies University)
Heonik Kwon (University of Cambridge)
Petrus Liu (Yale-NUS College)
Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu (Rice University)
Paul Steege (Villanova University)Moderator: Masuda Hajimu (National University of Singapore)
5:30pm Dinner